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18 Feb

Private Lessons

Private lessons are suitable for those wanting personal attention to their dancing. Lessons are available for Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Brazilian Zouk, Brazilian Samba, Performance coaching, Competition coaching, Wedding dance, Choreography and more.

Lessons can be done 1-on-1, 2-on-1 (two people and one instructor) or 2-on-2 (two people and two instructors). A couple is considered as one leader and one follower. In a private lesson the attention is 100% on you. We can concentrate on your individual needs and attend to details that are not possible in a group class situation.

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17 Feb

Ladies Styling

Ladies Styling are solo classes. Here you focus primarily on body awareness, coordination, timing, musicality, rhythm, weight transfer and balance.

These elements are essential for all partner dancing and solo dancing of course. You will also learn sequences wich involve footwork/shines in order learn how to hold your own on the dance floor.

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17 Feb

Performance Teams

The first Team Latinissimo was formed in 2006. It marked the beginning of the first salsa dance team consisting of students only, to represent Auckland at international salsa events. The idea was to create a performance course that would give aspiring salsa dancers the experience of what it is like "behind the scenes" of preparing for a performance. Everything from working with a team, working with a partner, costuming, make-up, learn and perfect a choreography within a specific time frame to then perform for a large audience. It was the first structured "Performance Course" by a salsa dance school in New Zealand.

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About Latinissimo

Latinissimo was first founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 specializing in street Latin dance. 2005 Latinissimo relocated to Auckland, New Zealand.

Directed by World Salsa Champions Giancarlo & Masha, Latinissimo as a school has performed, taught and competed across 4 continents, are multiple international and national champions and have produced two World Amateur Salsa Champions.

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