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The first Team Latinissimo was formed in 2006. It marked the beginning of the first salsa dance team consisting of students only, to represent Auckland at international salsa events. The idea was to create a performance course that would give aspiring salsa dancers the experience of what it is like "behind the scenes" of preparing for a performance. Everything from working with a team, working with a partner, costuming, make-up, learn and perfect a choreography within a specific time frame to then perform for a large audience. It was the first structured "Performance Course" by a salsa dance school in New Zealand.

What started off with one Team back in 2006 grew to several Latinissimo Performance and Competition Teams for all levels and purposes. Joining Team Latinissimo is the best way to excell in your Latin dancing.

You will learn techniques that cannot be taught in regular classes. You will experience moments that you will treasure for life. You will make friends that could last you a life time. You will get the most out of your dancing in every way!

Latinissimo is well known for their excellent teaching techniques, well structured and organized classes, rehearsals and creative choreography. Join us if you wish to be on stage with New Zealand's most popular student Salsa dance team! Our teams caters to both the inexperienced performer to the advanced performer in a number of teams of different levels.

01 We distiguish the level of the teams by the phonetic alphabet rather that using the traditional name levels. This way each team has a distinguished name that is easy to remember and logical structure.


Latinissimo "ECHO" (E) Team

This is where it all starts. The "E" Team is the entry level team and is suitable for those who have completed Beginner levels 1 and 2 or Improver level dancer. Most dancers in this team have never performed or competed before. They have either just finished the Beginners couse or Beginners PLUS+ and are wanting to learn more without going too deep in and over their heads.

This Team follows the NZSDA curriculum for Beginners and Improvers level wich means no syncopations and no lifts or tricks can be done. This Team is perfect for the dancer who wants to learn a set performance choreography and experience a performance team for the first time. It a very easy going team that any beginner level dancer can join!

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D Team 2011 DSC9500 600px

Latinissimo "DELTA" (D) Team

Once you feel you are ready to step it up with more challenging choreography, such as spinning, syncopations, perhaps a lifts or maybe a trick, then "D" Team may be an option for you. Most dancers in this team have either come through from the "E" Team or have been taking Intermediate salsa classes for some time. You should be familiar with some of the most common intermediate key aspects, such as check turns, 360's and spot turns. The "D" Team will push your limits a bit further with added techniques, speed, styling and details. This Team is great for the intermediate salsa dancer who may have never performed before or who has some performance experience and wants to take it to step it up a notch.

Latinissimo "CHARLIE" (C) Team

Team "CHARLIE" focuses on different styles, it could be a mix of Cha Cha, Bachata, Salsa, Zouk, Reggaeton, Merengue, Disco or anything else! It could also be just one of the styles mentioned. Of course there is also some salsa! Dancers in this team usually get a little bit of everything. The "C" Team concept has proven to be exceptionally popular amongst team members. Although anybody is welcome to audition, some basic Latin dance experience is required to join this team. This team normally consists of dancers of different levels.
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B Team 2010 600px

Latinissimo "BRAVO" (B) Team

Latinissimo's B-Team "BRAVO" is for those who are ready to take their salsa dancing to Advanced performance and competition level. To audition or take participation in this team, dancers would have to come up to "B" Team through other Latinissimo Teams. You should be very comfortable with check turns, 360's, timing, speed and formation changes. You are expected to pick up choreography with ease, cope with a higher pace rehearsals and be highly committed.

Latinissimo "ALPHA" (A) Team

Latinissimo's A-Team "ALPHA"  is by invite only. This team competes and performs at the highest level. Mainly open for team members who have demonstrated growth in both technical skill, performance skills and stage maturity. Occasionally we hold auditions for non-team members who are experienced salsa dancers.

We expect you to have the ability to pick up choreography in a short amount of time with no problem. Your timing is impecable and your Salsa technique is good to great. You have no fear of tricks, lifts or drops and you are higly committed to the team. You are expected to be a role model to all other Latinissimo Team members.

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Shines Teams

The shines teams follows the same structure;

  • Ladies A-Team (Salsa)
  • Ladies B-Team (Salsa)
  • Latina Spice (Medley)
  • Men's A-Team (Salsa)
  • Men's B-Team (Salsa)


How do I join!?

If you are interested in joining any of the teams to be on stage and perform with Team Latinissimo on a local, national or international stage, contact us today!


2016 team promo


★Performance Team Info & Audition★


We are recruiting new team members to join our performance and competition teams!

Since 2006, Latinissimo TEAMS have been some of New Zealand most successful, popular and most recognized performance and competition salsa teams who have graced the stages of numerous festivals and congresses across the South Pacific, Asia and the USA.

Under the direction of Gian & Masha, the teams have had huge success with many memorable performances and becoming both NZ & Australian Team champions, placing 2nd @ World Salsa Championships and Asia-Pacific Salsa Championships in Hong Kong, plus numerous TV appearances and features in national and local newspapers and magazines.

After having a long break from Performance teams, and after many many requests over the past 4 years to bring them back - we finally are making a comeback... with a big BANG!

NOTE: This team is by audition only and has a limited number of spots available in order for the teams to be manageable and look organized on stage. Make sure you register your interest below and attend the audition get a taste of our upcoming Salsa Performance Team!

Everybody welcome! You do however need to have solid knowledge of Salsa basics and fundamentals (timing/rhythm).

In a team environment you GROW as a dancer in many ways! We are not necessarily looking for the best dancers, but instead looking for people who are committed, focused, goal oriented, team players and who wish to excel with their dancing and understanding of dance in general.

This is all about how much you are willing to put in, your attitude and personality. Anything is possible if you are teachable, committed and work well in a team environment.

There is no obligation by attending the info meeting and audition. All info about fees, rehearsal day/s, times, structure etc. will be discussed at the info meeting. If you are interested - just come along, there is no obligation!

First part (approx. 30min) will be all the important info about being part of the team. Second part will be audition (approx 1hr). You will be taught a short shines and partner work sequence which you will demonstrate as a group at the end of the audition. 

★ WHEN: Sunday 31 January, 2021
TIME: 6:00pm - 7:30pm
WHERE: Empire Dance Studios, 2 Bond Street, Grey Lynn

COST: $25