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ProAm is when an amateur student/dancer forms a partnership with a professional dancer, the instructor, to compete in this specific category.

As we all know it is difficult to find dance partners, specially if you are goal oriented and wish to achieve more than just being a great social dancer. If you want to be on stage, perform and/or compete and achieve your personal dance goals, but cannot find a dancer partner and a team is not your thing. Then ProAm is for you!

Although the concept of ProAm has been around for quite some time in Dancesport competitions and other dance genres, its only been in recent years that more and more salsa dance competitions around the world are introducing ProAm categories. This gives amateur students who don't have regular partners the opportunity to compete or perform regarless of having a regular partner, they do it with their instructors. This is by far the best way to get the most out of your dance training. It is the instructor (the professional) who will choreograph, train you and guide you through everything you need to know in order to be fully prepared to shine on stage!

Giancarlo & Masha are 2016 World Professional Salsa Champions and are New Zealand's most experienced and successful professional salsa dance couple with a long list of achievements. They offer up and coming ProAms (male & female) the opportunity to compete and perform with them, 1-on-1. Over the years their students have become World Amateur Salsa Champions, Asia-Pacific Salsa Champions, Australian Latin Champions and New Zealand national salsa champions. Latinissimo Salsa ProAms have not only performed at dance festivals, but also competed at competitions such as the annual Kiwi Classic Dance Competition in Auckland and the World Salsa Summit in Miami.



ProAm Salsa ProAm Georgia Chandler is ready to compete with Giancarlo
in the showdance event at Kiwi Classic Dance Competition in Auckland.

How does it work?

In a ProAm competition the focus is 100% on the amateur dancer. Meaning, the professional does not get marked, only the amateur. However, should the professional make any mistakes then infractions will incurr.

In most competitions, a professional is allowed to partner between 1 to 5 students. Normally these are choreographed pieces, however there are also improvised ProAm categories. ProAm does not necessarily have to be male/female. It can also be same gender. Depending on the competition, male ProAms (amateur leaders dancing with professional follower) are separated from female ProAms (amateur follower being lead by professional leaders).

karmen wss2016 600px Salsa ProAm Karmen Stezinar competing with Giancarlo in the Female Salsa ProAm category at World Salsa Summit in Miami

Can anybody do it?

For the most, yes! ProAm is for both males and females. You current level or age does not matter. However, we have to ensure you are compatible with one another. One of the main things is height. For example if you are a female proam, then it would be best you are shorter or same height as your instructor and the other way around for the male proam. Other than that, the amateur can be of any level depending on the competition (goal) and what you wish to accomplish with your instructor. Keep in mind, ProAm is all about your personal goals and achievements. The professional is there to help you achieve these goals and be the best you can be. It is not the professionals time in the limelight, its yours!

How much does it cost?

ProAm can only be done 1-on-1, these are private lessons each time you come to rehearse with your instructor. Costs vary depending on your goals. Please contact us on 0210 29 88 164 OR 0210 29 90 667 if you are genuinly interested and wish to learn more.

tracy mai kiwi classic

Tracy & Mai - Kiwi Classic, Auckland

ana wss2016 600x450px

Ana Segula - World Salsa Summit, Miami

kiren gian saba kiwi classic

Kiren & Saba - Kiwi Classic, Auckland

tamara gian ljubljana

Tamara Kos - Performance in Ljubljana, Slovenia