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At Latinissimo we have had the pleasure of teaching many couples that very special first dance for their wedding, we want your ‘First Dance’ to be a wonderful moment and a memory to cherish.

Giancarlo & Masha are experienced and professional dance instructors who have worked with beginners for over a decade and have developed effective teaching methods to help indivicuals and couples with different dance levels, needs and goals to excell with thier dancing. They can assess couples ability very quickly and choreograph accordingly for them to their chosen piece of music; or if they prefer we can advise music for the particular dance they want to learn.


As Latinissimo specializes in Latin dances, you will have a range of styles to choose from, such as Salsa, Bachata, Brazilian Zouk and Cha Cha Cha. Or perhaps you would like to mix it up for your first dance with a mash-up of various styles! Don’t worry if you haven’t danced before, that's what we are here for! We will teach you step-by-step, at your individual pace as we have done with many couples in the past.

We make sure you feel comfortable and confident with the routine which will be simple yet effective and above all elegant and unique.

Book an "Intro" Lesson

The "Intro" lesson is a session divided into two parts: For approximately 30-40mins, we'll introduce you to one, two or three dance styles (generally Salsa/Mambo, Brazlilian Zouk, Bachata or Cha Cha). This is for you to get familiar with and get a feel for which dance style is best suited for you. It will also give us a chance to asses your dancing and give us a chance to know how to choreograph accordingly.

The rest of the time is devoted to finding out specific details, make a lessons plan if possible and discuss your music selection. Please note that most music with 4-4 timing will be suitable for any of the four styles mentioned. 

Book To book an Intro Wedding lesson please contact us by email, or call/text us on 0210 2988164.

Wedding choreography that suits you!

We love creating and teaching couples their very own, unique wedding choreography. We understand the importance of looking your best on your wedding day, which is why each dance is bespoke, tailor made to perfectly suit your ability and music choice, making your first dance the very best it can be.

Some couples are naturally confident on the dance floor, thrilled by a chance to show off their moves. However, some couples understandably feel anxious about dancing in front of all their wedding guests. Whether you want to tear up the dance floor or simply get through it without any major mishaps, our dance lessons build confidence, whilst teaching you the skills and steps you need for a wonderful dance at your wedding.

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Anya & Andrei Moroz

Dance style choice: Brazilian Zouk

Music choice by Anya: "Could I have this Kiss Forever" - Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston

Choreography by: Giancarlo & Masha

While the wedding planning can involve lots of decision making and choices, there was one decision that was clearly made from the start. The wedding dance and the choreography. I had been dancing with Latinissimo studio for a few years at the time and it didn’t take too long to convince Andrei that our wedding dance should be done well, professionally and with a wow factor. And who else can do it better that Giancarlo and Masha! 3 months off the wedding we started to learn the routine. It was everything we asked for and more! It was challenging no doubt, specially since Andrei had never danced before, but Giancarlo and Masha’s encouragement and professional teaching style played a big role. They are very detailed, breaking complex elements down to a few simple ones and PATIENT. It went perfect on the day. Couldn’t be happier; and oh those comments! If there is one thing our guests remember from our wedding, it would be out wedding dance! Three years on and people still remember and talk about it with excitement.
Anya & Andrei
Anya & Andrei

Zhi & Violet Lee

Dance style choice: Salsa

Music choice by Zhi: "I've got you" - Leona Lewis

Choreography by: Giancarlo & Masha

Video of Zhi & Violet coming soon!

We wanted something special for our wedding dance, and that's exactly what Gian and Masha did for us. They were very accommodating towards our choice of music because the words were meaningful to us. This meant choreographing moves to work with a non typical salsa tempo, and because we were complete beginners at salsa, Masha took special care to put together something that was beautiful yet achievable. We called on G and M at a busy time in their career and lives when they were preparing to move abroad but they went the extra mile to fit in classes for us. The end result was magical and we were able to give our friends and family a very memorable experience. The classes were fun and we had lots of laughs along the way! We are very proud of what we have achieved being coached by the best in a short period of time. We would highly recommend G and M if you are considering a special first dance!
Zhi & Violet
Zhi & Violet


Q: How many lessons will we need?

A: On average most couples start feeling the first degree of comfort and confidence at about the 5th lesson.

Q: What should we wear for the classes?

A: Anything from casual attire to gym or dance wear. Comfortable clothes that don't restrict movement. Most people come straight from work and are in their work clothes, others wear jeans or simply casual clothes.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Please see our Private Lessons page for different package and pricing options.

Q: Are the lesson held in a private room?

A: Private lessons guarantees optimal individual attention from the instructor. Occasionally there may or may not be other people  A Studio is typically shared with other Private Lessons. Distractions are actually very useful in the process of practicing/ learning, as they are a part of the real world, where ultimately the goal is just to dance... easily and effortlessly.

Some tips

  • Time is of essence, don't wait until last minute. Keep in mind things get very hectic as the wedding day approaches. We recommend starting three to six months prior to allow more time for practice, specially if you are newcomers to dancing.
  • Its ok if you haven’t chosen on a song yet. On your very first lesson we will introduce you to the main dances most couples use. We can help make suggestions depending on which dance you like and do the best from there. If you already have a song chosen, make sure you bring it with you.
  • Be patient when learning. Dancing is a great stress reliever, and a fun date night. Keep it light hearted and don't put too much pressure on yourselves.
  • Avoid teaching eachother. You’ll both have a lot more fun dancing if you let your instructor do the teaching.
  • Practice in the correct shoes. Ideally wear the shoes you’ll be wearing on the big day.
  • Let us know what kind of dress you will be wearing for the dance.
  • Let us know if you plan to have your hair done in any particular way that may obstruct underarm turns.
  • Be consistent with your appointments. The more often you come in, the less review there will be on each lesson. Plan at least once a week to get the most from your lessons.
  • Join one of the courses whenever possible.
  • Learning to dance for a wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can give to each other. A couple who feels confident and poised when they dance together will ensure that their very first dance together as husband and wife will be a memory to cherish forever. 


About Latinissimo

Latinissimo was first founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 specializing in street Latin dance. 2005 Latinissimo relocated to Auckland, New Zealand.

Directed by World Salsa Champion Giancarlo, Latinissimo as a school has performed, taught and competed across 4 continents, are multiple international and national champions and have produced two World Amateur Salsa Champions.

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